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EMURGO Africa is the regional entity of EMURGO Middle East & Africa (MEA), a Middle and Africa-focused entity of Cardano blockchain founding entity EMURGO.
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News for Web3 Products In Africa
Dedicated coverage and explanations on latest Web3 product features across Pan-Africa
Consumer-Driven Web3 Content
NODO News will produce stories helping African consumers learn how to use Web3 products and features.
Powerful Product Exploration with NODO Discover
Product exploration & feedback mechanisms for users to directly engage with products & makers featured on NODO News.
NODO Discover
“Powerful African Web3 Product Exploration”
Powerful & Localised Search
Powerful Localisation & Filtering by Language, Product Use Case, Supported Currencies
NODO Product Profiles
Comprehensive qualitative data on Web3 Product Offerings
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Pan-Africa User Demand Service
Proof of Verifiability through editorial coverage
Visibility through dedicated spot coverage
NODO User Data Engine
Powerful User Feedback & Incentive Engine
Market Micro-Trend Visibility
Linking on-chain & NODO user data for analysis
Targeted Marketing Analytics
Accurately segment users
Find 'super-users'
Increase conversion
NODO Discover
Comprehensive listing of Web3 Products
Effective & fast discovery for localised context
NODO’s Key Strengths
Extensive Startup Network
Network of more than 1,000 startups which EMURGO Africa has acquired through its investment and accelerator activities
Pan-African, Local Roots
Local Networks in:
  • West Africa: Nigeria
  • East Africa: Kenya
  • North Africa: Egypt
  • Southern Africa: South Africa
Industry Team Expertise
Experienced & International Team from Cardano, ex-Binance invested company, and journalists formerly working at Coindesk's international edition and U.S. Quartz
Cardano Network
Cardano has the first peer reviewed decentralised blockchain, with over 4.3M addresses currently active on Cardano chain (Messari, 2023)
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Extensive Startup Network
Increased Product Visibility
Verifiable News Source
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Weekly updates distributed to Web3 African network
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Get user feedback on key features
Comprehensive Data
Effective product segmentation and marketing
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Expert Knowledge Network
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